Graphic design is a form of visual problem solving - in this case, the problem is communicating to your target audience, and the solution is a unique, memorable brand that will keep your business in the minds of your potential customers. A successful brand requires research to understand the target audience and competition, as well as awesome collateral to support the brand across all mediums. I will work with you to develop marketing materials including (but not limited to): logo/tagline, website, business cards, brochures, rack cards, posters, invites, leaflets, banners & signage, menus, newspaper/magazine ads, online display ads, email newsletters, and social media images.


As an ever-growing number of people turn online when looking for products & services, it becomes increasingly crucial for businesses to take control of their online presence. A website can provide brand exposure, useful information for current & potential customers, and help you establish a relationship with your audience. From planning & wireframing to testing & launch, I build websites using the latest technology & techniques. Eye-catching design, coding & search engine optimization best practices, and a focus on responsive styling for all devices are key elements that can mean the difference between a decent website and an excellent one. Once your website is complete, I will provide training that allows you to easily add & update your own content.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Online Marketing (OLM) work in unison with website analytics to help you and your website get found. Search engine optimization works in the back end of your website to provide information to search engines, which can help you appear higher in organic search results. Online marketing can help to assist with this process, especially with a brand new website, which will take some time before it begins to rank well. Online marketing utilizes any combination of pay-per-click search & display advertising (mainly Google AdWords), social media marketing & promoted posts, and email marketing. I will work with you to decide which methods would be best for your specific target audience, budget, and goals.