Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue Website & Logo

Project Role: Freelance Designer & Developer



Cat’s Cradle Animal Rescue is a small, volunteer-run, non-profit organization that works to save, heal, and re-home abandoned or feral cats (and occasionally dogs). They do a lot of great work for my community, but needed improvement to their brand and website to help them raise awareness about what they do, and reach out to potential adopters, volunteers, and foster homes.

Animal welfare is a cause close to my heart, so I volunteered my time as a freelancer to help them create a new brand, website, and print materials, and assist with their social media efforts. I designed a new logo for them which is modern and fun, and a new website that is clean, approachable, and easy to use.

This particular project required some extra functionality on the back end to allow the volunteers to be able to post animals in their care. I worked with CCAR to find out exactly what they’d like to see, and then made it happen. The final product uses a special content type built with custom fields to allow volunteers to enter information about each cat, as well as photos, and then mark the animal as “available for adoption,” adoption pending” or “adopted,” which will then display the animal on the corresponding page. The website also includes a volunteer form, a blog, and an image/text slider on the homepage that the client can easily edit and update themselves.